Rolling Rock Farm

We also have Gin-Gar-Tum the herbs. No salt, in a grinder!

What's the big deal with Tumeric? That there www has all sorts of information and you can also find out why we say potato and you say potahto. Our angle here is to get you to use our fabulous tumeric products that include Tumeric Sea Salt, Gin-Gar-Tum, (WTF) our super trifecta of ginger, garlic and tumeric as an infused sea salt or just those 3 in a grinder. And "Just what do I put this crap on you ask." Anything you desire is our reply, BUT! But try any of these on shrimp, scallops or chili to start. OMFG!! That's right! OMFG!!!

We offer tumeric seasonings that include tumeric infused sea salt, Gin-Gar-Tum, an infusion of ginger, garlic and tumeric offered as an infused sea salt and just the herbs as a salt free blend. Tumeric is turmeric without the first R as that is silent when pronounced. Any of these can be used on anything you desire as they are very versatile. Shrimp, scallops and chili are good candidates to start with. Tis true that these herbs are healthy and can extend one's life from a moment to a near lifetime. We honestly don't believe that using our blends will make you live any longer, BUT whatever time you have left on this planet can be more enjoyable. Enjoyable being the pursuit of happiness that can be had with good eats. We are now using locally sourced turmeric from Mill River Farm and ginger from Amherst.

Tumeric, Turmeric, It's all the same.

It's all GOOD!