Purple Haze-"Dude! Give me all this shit you got" said one old Jimmy fan. He gives it away to his friends. Purple Basil makes this colorful & flavorful!


Tony's Tuscan is a great blend similar to Tony's Tremendous but without mushrooms. Works on virtually everything also.


All purpose combination salts-We have been making a weekly special blend which usually includes garlic salt, peppercorns, basil and oregano. It shows up with a catchy name of the week and works well as a pizza, tomato or whatever topping as well as a bread dipping seasoning. Tony's Tremendous and Tony's Tuscan are two very popular choices!

The Penguin-Antarctic sea salt & black peppercorns. 


Scarborough Fair Love salt-Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme of course. This is quickly becoming one of our best sellers. These herbs all represent love and devotion. This salt works on EVERYTHING!! Available with different salt types and made with our freshly picked and infused herbs.

Lemon salts- We have several Meyer Lemon trees that give us enough lemons to make a limited quantity of lemon salt. 

Peppercorns-plain, mushroom, hot pepper, garlic, lemon, smoked, -we have a nice selection. Most are blended with four color "rainbow" very fresh peppercorns.

Black Truffle Salt-Imported from Italia! We changed the name to "Effin Magic" because there is no F Bomb or adjective to describe what this does to ANY food! Works on ANYTHING! Popcorn, eggs, potatoes, pasta-you name it,  thisa fixes it. Another life changer. Available in glass "restaurant tube" or hex jar.

Garlic in a Grinder, Garlic Rosemary  & Garlic Onion in a grinder are three new items without salt. Add flavor to anything in a natural way without the intense commercial type of seasoning.

LGBTQ Sea Salt-The Q is up to you, but Lavender, Garlic, Basil & Thyme make a most wonderful blend. Works on almost anything. 

Pride Pepper are rainbow peppercorns, nice and fresh. 

The Penguin Collection

Just sea salt and peppercorns; begging to be named the Penguin.

The original Penguin-black peppercorns.

The Pink Penguin-Pink Himalayan with "Pink" peppercorns.

The Albino Penguin-White Peppercorns & salt.

The Gay Penguin-Rainbow peppercorns with a mix of colorful salts from around the world.


Cherry wood smoked  sea salts-A nice not too overly powerful smoked salt. Good on fish, pork, beef and whatever you feel like with smoked flavor; without that fake liquid smoke taste. Available with various salts.

Berkshire Bourbons-salt, peppercorns and smoked salt infused with Berkshire Mountain Distiller's best!! Sold out a debut!!!

French Grey Sea Salt  A great taste sensation!! AKA Nantucket Grey Lady-There was an old lady from Nantucket, whose hair was so long she could pluck it..

Cipolini Onion-roasted "chip-o-lini" made a wonderful onion salt. Also with thyme and peppercorns. Amazing!

Jalapeno X 

Hot Habanero XX

Scorpion XXX

are all hot shit, seeds and all. Be careful! 

The Scorpion & The Ghost!-Two of the hottest peppers on this planet infused into salt. Part of our "life changing" collection. Enjoy the heat or enjoy screwing with your family and friends. 

Berkshire Bloody Mary Mix-our own horseradish, lemon verbena and celery added to Red Hawaiian. Almost doesn't need the liquid! Works on beef too.

EFT-Every Funghin Thing! 6 mushrooms, 7 sea salts & four colors of peppercorns make this so funghin good! Works on everything.

Tony's Tous Sans Sel-That's right Mon  Ami/Amie! No SALT. Due to many requests we made this and it is a very popular seller, soon to be one of our life changers. Garlic, onion, bell peppers and a load of other good herbs make this a killer topping. So aromatic and is nothing like the commercial mixes. You can even put it under your pillow. No one flavor drowns out another.  just one whiff is all it takes!

Tony's TuscanTuscan Garlic no salt HAS oregano, extra garlic, chives and Italian herbs.

Feckin Lucky- That's right, you might get feckin lucky by using this salt & green peppercorn combo and win the lottery. And then again maybe you won't. Great gift for your Irish friends. Shamrock on the label.

Ain't Nothin But Chicken Shitt is a killer chicken topping that loves CHICKEN and many other foods alsp.

Ain't Nothin But Pig Shitt-you guessed it; LOVES PORK, ALL pork!

Adam's RV Topping-Roadkill & Varmint enhancer. Find something in the road you want to cook up? This is the stuff. Of course it loves venison and most other furry or feathered creatures whether they be flattened or fresh kill.

Salmon King-yup, loves Salmon and many other foods and fishies,

BACON!-Yup, Pink Himalayan Bacon Salt, Loves tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, popcorn and everything else-Howling Good because we use Howling Flats Bacon.

Humpty's Egg Topper-Everybody loves eggs and Humpty loves eggs. A bacon salt base with pepper, herbs and a few surprise spices.

Holy Pesto-It's that time again, garlic scapes with green basil.


~~This is a list of some of the salts we make. We try to use our own flavorings whenever possible or obtain the best available. If you have an idea of your own we will gladly try to make it. Let your imagination go and find your own uses for any of these salts as these are only some of our suggestions. Most of our flavored salts work best for finishing and seasoning.


Purple Glazer-This is our most popular garlic salt right now. We have been growing this member of the purple strip family for 4 years now and select the biggest cloves for replanting. 

Double Roasted Garlic sea salt is a very nice rich blend. We roast the garlic, infuse it into the salt and roast it again.

Scarborough Fair is very popular!! Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme all work together to make the love and happiness of your food  excite the palate to no end! Available with Pink Himalayan or Antarctic white sea salts.

Darby'sGarlic Festival-My Dearest Darling Darby  asked why one wasn't named after her and I said one wasn't worthy enough. Well now there is! A mixture of garlic salts using Red & Black Hawaiian with Purple Glaze make a wonderful garlic salt combo.

Tony's Tremendous all purpose topping has mushrooms, garlic with mixed herbs & works with everything!! This has become our top seller and most requested for private custom labeling. 

Red Rose is a wonderful garlic & rosemary with red Hawaiian sea salt.

Black Ginger- ginger infused in to Black Hawaiian sea salt. NICE! This has gotten real popular and works well with many foods.

Savory Garlic Shitake Beef Topping- has quickly become a very good seller. Works well on lamb too, or whatever else you can think of. Also available with peppercorns. Treat your beef like royalty.

Maple Corn & Popcorn Salt-this is the only thing you need on your corn on the cob and popcorn. Amazing! We have a Pop N Top mix of honey and maple plus Bee Shitt honey sea salt too. They are not overly sweet as this is salt and not sugar. Just the right amount of flavor with healthy sea salt and not the table poison.

True Black Garlic-black garlic treated for 40 days infused into clear crystal sea salt makes a most wonderful and very aromatic topping that will work on so many things.

SEX ON THE BEEF!! How can you resist the name? It's BETTTER than the name! Go to:

www.sexonthebeef.com to learn all about it. It's the only sex site you can admit to frequenting.

Meximagic-A nice spicy not hot blend that works on many foods.

Merlot is Back!-Wine for the mind.

Pierogi & Kielbasa toppings

Garlic, onion & bell peppers in  grinder.

Garlic in a Grinder, Garlic & Onion, Garlic Onion & Rosemary Too! 

King of Salmon topping NEW!


Rolling Rock Farm

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