The "Ode" is the life cycle of garlic. You must read it in it's entirety to fully appreciate the Ode and Life.

Oh garlic, oh garlic-

Tis you that makes my heart tick,

Since days of pyramids and ruling pharaohs-

How long you last no one knows,

Countless are the lives you’ve extended-

I will cherish you till mine is ended,

From the day you start in the fall-

I patiently wait till you grow tall,

From bulbs to cloves and into the ground-

I watch as the calendar days go round,

In winter while under the snow you sleep-

I dream of the day when you are mine to keep,

Oh the joy of that sunny day in the spring-

When further from the dirt you zing,

With shutes of green so bright and clean-

Only I know how much you mean,

The awaited heat from the warmth of May-

Makes you rise taller every day,

Onward through the weeks of June-

Your steady growth keeps me in tune,

By Independence Day your scapes and swans-

Are the very things that turn me on,

In hearty salads and tasty broth-

You truly make my mouth froth,

With those bulbs now red, purple or white-

I will only wait for one more night,

For tomorrow is when that summer day comes,

That puts a smile on my face as my tummy hums,

As I pull you gently from the ground-

The recipes in my head go round,

I mix you up with honey and vinegar-

To ward away the evils of sugar,

For this is the very tonic-

That makes my colon supersonic,

Be it two, four, six or eight,

Each and every clove I appreciate,

To my blood the gift of health you bring-

That makes my heart and body sing,

Whether I roast you, toast you, mince you or slice you- My dear garlic, I really like you,

And now’s the time for me to say-

As I think of you each and every day,

ALLIUM SATIVA- May you forever be; My dearest Diva!

Ode to Garlic

      copyright 2012-Tony Carlotto

Rolling Rock Farm

June 17th, my little helper is checking the scapes and found one to make a necklace. All of this year's seed garlic came from within 33 miles of us. We have a very nice crop growing.