We had the most fun and pleasant time at the Channel 3 studio with Kara Sundlun and Scott Haney. It was very cool to watch from behind the scenes while waiting before and after the taping of this on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. 

 SEE US LIVE​:schedule is limited due to  stroke on April 25th   

I'LL be BACK!!!

email rollingrockfarm@aol.com or call 413-888-6658 and leave msg.

Sheffield Farmers Market-Fridays 3-6  many dates  starting 5/17

West Stockbridge Farmers Market-most Thursdays 3-7 starts 5/23

​Norfolk Farmers Market various summer market dates-starting 5/25

We will try to maintain a local schedule as conditions allow-I'm in the hospital til June 1st-hopefully sooner exit

Salisbury CT, May 18-19- Darby is there

Brattleboro VT Strolling of the Heifers-June 7-8-in limbo

Glens Falls NY, June 15-16 LARAC-in limbo

WSFB Channel 3, June 1, 2016

Rolling Rock Farm

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Our Story

Our Story begins with a Storey Publications 32 page Country Wisdom Bulletin entitled Growing and Using Garlic. It was the best $3.95 ever spent.
Once upon a time a fat garlic loving gardener planted 2000 garlic cloves resulting in a bountiful harvest the following summer. He even wrote an “Ode” to it. Shortly after the harvest he spied a little paragraph in the aforementioned pamphlet entitled “MAKE YOUR OWN GARLIC SALT” and people from all around loved it. He then got the idea of using the wedded couple of Garlic & Rosemary in a salt, and he did. People from all around loved it. He next had the idea/dream of using his lush parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme in a blend named “Scarborough Fair.” People from all around loved IT too! The juices started flowing and over 50 ideas/dreams/epiphanies came to fruition and HERE WE ARE!!! We hope you enjoy the humor and wit in our names and descriptions as they are as much fun as in the making of our salts and blends.
We love making these!