Rolling Rock Farm

Scarborough Fair is one of our popular salt infusions and you guessed it,  contains parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme. We have been offering just the herbs for while and that was the impetus to get the Berkshire ball rolling. 

Garam Marsala-the key to Indian cuisine

Gumbo File-or Goodbye Joe, File Gumbo

Chili Blend-so many uses

Cajun mix-so many uses again

Magic Porky-rub your pork! $8  8oz. tin

Traditional Italian spice mix $6- 6 oz. vol

Herbs de Provence $4 or $6- 6 oz vol. bottle

Garlic Herb mix

Lemon Pepper fine ground

Online ordering coming sooner; OR LATER. For now see us at shows or email me at If you want a box pick from the pics or the list. Most are $4 each or 3 for 10. Exotics will be priced  as such. Gift crates $2.00 extra-shipping available. 

A few of our offerings. Simple, reverent names. A great deal of fun can be had surfing for spices uses and then tweaking them to your own ideas and palate. We have 3, 4 and 6 piece boxes/crates.


Make a game of spice. There is not enough time or space here to include all the details, so do something really fun with that smart phone of yours.  That there WWW has more shit than stars in the sky. Surf for an herb or spice, learn some uses, then find a recipe and  put your own twist on it. ANYONE can cook AND be a good cook. You only have yourself to please and when you are REALLY pleased share that one with your friend and you will be known a a good cook.

Berkshire Spice is the spice side of Rolling Rock Farm. Why? Berkshire Spice has a nice ring to it and we all know that if Ozzy Osborne was Joe Davis, he wouldn't have sold many "records." On a more serious note we want to bring more flavor to our friends. On the salty side we grow or produce over 75% of the flavorings and there are so many more flavors we want to share that we can not produce. Everybody has spices from Cumby's to Wallyworld and everywhere between, but we will offer the freshest and highest quality available of more exotic and neat things chefs and gluttons don't find every day. We will produce a smaller percentage as time permits. There will be recipes and hints as time goes on for that is the fun part of this. Herbs and spices have a rich and very flavorful history that adds to the fun as well. Stay tuned and come back as we continue to expand the offerings we will bring to you. If you come to one of our live events you will find the newest herbs & spices that we offer.

Make your own 10+2  pak in a nice hinged box. Add a tube of black truffle and a few vanilla beans.

Herbs & Spices





Habanero Powder





Paprikas inc. smoked

Black Peppers

Fine grain salts

Kale flakes



Lemon Verbena

Ginger Powder





Carrot Powder