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Shop the saltmobile! Gift boxes, our famous Shit Box (Sexy Box of Shit) and our world famous smoked cheeses by Cheesus!

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     We produce high quality gourmet sea salts, peppers & blends. They are unique products that are made by hand in small batches with over 90% of the additives  grown or made by us. Go to our "purchase" page for more information on how to obtain our products. In addition to displaying and selling over 50 varieties at various markets and events, we specialize in making YOUR OWN salt or blend. Personalized holiday gifts, wedding favors, corporate gifts or event items can be quickly made and delivered by us.  

     You can see our full line in person at our various events which are listed and always updated on the "Schedule" page. We have many "seasonal salts" that are only produced in small quantities due to availability of the additives. Garlic based salts and blends are our main products. "Tony's Tremendous" topping has risen to the top in sales. It works on everything! Black Beef & Savory Garlic Shitake are two killer meat toppings. Herbal blends such as "Scarborough Fair," mushroom blends that are "So Funghin Good"  and our hot pepper blends featuring "The XXX Scorpion," which is the hottest sea salt in the world continue to be great sellers. We make the best black garlic, black garlic sea salt, black garlic vinegar that one can find. Our "Sex on the Beef" topping is truly better than the name and will make your beef indescribably delicious to quote that striped cat that shares my name. It is black garlic based.

     To be practical we offer only our most popular products for sale online. Etsy is our portal for selling online or we are happy to send you anything  including an addressed stamped envelope to return to us with a check.   Our salts and blends are of the highest quality and are packaged in the best available grinder made in South Africa. 

     Please contact us for ANY order. We provide fast delivery via priority mail.

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Check out Berkshire Spice page. Unique gift crates for all your giving needs. Make your own combo or get one of our pre-made themed sets including the Berkshire box, Box of Pride, Sexy Box of Shit, Music Box, Hot Box and more.

Come to a live Rolling Rock Salt Show for a happy experience and to behold all that we offer. Check our schedule page for dates.   or   leave a message- 413-888-6658